Earlier this year I had the chance to do some work with the United States Department of Labor . Their focus was to help better assist Alzheimer’s / dementia families.  Below is the email and links I received about the report if you are interested.
I hope  you are doing well. I wanted to share with you the news that the Department of Labor has released a new report, “Navigating the Demands of Work and Eldercare.” This report shines a light on the millions of workers—like you—who provide informal, unpaid eldercare to their aging family, friends and neighbors. The report  highlights new data on informal eldercare providers who are also employed outside the home, explores the challenges they face, and outlines policies that address those challenges. 
Your story is featured in this report. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the department. Stories like yours are critical to explaining the need for public policies, and they make all the difference to a report like this.
You can find the report and associated information at the following sites: